Tulsa Brow Lift (Forehead Lift) Plastic Surgery

Brow lift surgery is indicated when the brow region begins falling down in an inferior fashion. This gives the appearance of tiredness or unhappiness to the face and eyes. Brow lift surgery will also help alleviate the horizontal and vertical lines in the mid and upper forehead regions. People are sometimes concerned that a brow lift will give a ‘surprised” look to the face. But today’s technique using an endoscope alleviates the problem of an over elevated brow.

The endoscope is a small tube with a light and small camera that is placed through small incisions in the hair bearing regions of the scalp to release the tissue which allows it to be raised without significant scarring. No skin or hair is removed. The brow is moved in superior fashion above the eyebrows giving the eyes a more opened and youthful appearance in a very subtle fashion. Brow lift surgery is common in people who range from 40-60 years of age. Some older patients have a brow lift done because they have visual field obstruction due to significant brow ptosis (sagging). A brow lift can refresh your appearance and enhance your self confidence but not necessarily make a drastic change in your appearance. It is a more subtle surgery with significant improvement in the eye region.

Dr. Mathers can help you determine whether brow lift surgery is indicated or just upper or lower eyelid surgery to obtain your personal goals in your appearance.

Temporary numbness in the forehead region can be expected and may last up to two months. In approximately 10 day, patients can return to work after a brow lift.

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