Tulsa Breast Reduction Plastic Surgery

Women with overly large breasts can suffer a variety of medical problems due to the weight of their breasts. Back and neck pain are common complaints, as well as pain caused by wearing bras intended to offer support. Tulsa plastic surgeon Dr. Mark L. Mathers offers breast reduction plastic surgery, or reduction mammaplasty, as a surgical form of relief from these problems.

Breast reduction plastic surgery with Dr. Mathers in Tulsa can also relieve you of unwanted attention due to the size of your beasts. Smaller breast size and a more attractive contour can help relieve associated health problems as well as increase your self-image and feelings of self-confidence. A balanced, shapely, confident appearance can help you feel better about yourself and all of your unique qualities and assets.

During your personal consultation, Dr. Mathers will explain the options available to help you attain smaller, lighter breasts that are shapely and proportional, as well as the plan for your surgery and recovery.

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